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Soheil updated 2 years ago
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Let's start by watching a short overview of Tribe
AvalonMiner is a heavy-duty mining machine, demonstrated by its four integrated fans, which ramp up to a very uncomfortable noise at 75dB. This is considered very loud traffic noise, so be prepared to have a dedicated mining space with noise... (More)
MCS terminal block uses high-elastic and high-quality spring clips for single-strand and multi-strand connections. The characteristic is safe, fast, and reliable and it is suitable for wire-to-wire, board-to-wire and board-to-board connections to achieve power and signal transmission.
TR-dog® multi-dog tracker and trainer accessories include a radio antenna for TR-dog® handheld and antenna keeper for TR-dog® dog collar. A radio antenna for TR-dog® handheld is a metallic structure that captures and/or transmits radio electromagnetic waves. This custom antenna... (More)